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Master HOA Documents

Candlewyck has two home owner associations.  The Master HOA covers all 313 houses in Candlewyck, which includes the 105  Candlewyck Patio Homes.  The Candlewyck Homes Association is governed by the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Code, Covenants & Rules as stated in the documents below.   

​Please Note:  The Candlewyck Patio Homes are responsible for both HOA dues, bylaws, and regulations. 

The Articles of Incorporation describes the purpose and powers of the association, membership and voting rights, the board of directors, and how to make amendments to the articles of incorporation.

The procedures and mechanics of HOA management and decision-making.  This includes officer and director positions and how they are filled, the way meeting, voting and notification are undertaken for owners' and board members' decisions and the methods of record-keeping and reporting. 

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) describe the rights and obligations of each owner and those of the association itself,  maintenance responsibilities,  operating costs and collections and the HOA's powers of enforcement. 

Covers the rules and regulations for the operation of the Candlewyck Homes Association recreational facilities and common areas.

Please read the Candlewyck Membership ID Tag Policy prior to using the Candlewyck common area property. For information regarding additional or replacement ID key tags, click here.  

The Candlewyck HOA offers community clubhouse rentals for private events. All renters must adhere to Payment Requirements, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines 

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